3-D Glasses For 3D TVs


3D TV glasses are the least expensive part of 3D Home entertainment system , but the glasses may be the most important piece.
passive-3d-tv-glasses-pack We offer 3D TV Glasses (Spectacles) which are suitable for viewing :

  1. LG cinema 3D TV,
  2. Panasonic Passive 3D TV
  3. Philips Easy 3D TV,
  4. SONY 3D TV. (FPR-Series)
  5. Videocon 3D TV, (Passive-FPR system)
  6. VU- (passive- FPR 3D TV)
  7. SAMSUNG- will also introduce passive 3D TV range very soon.

Passive 3D Glasses do not require charging or button cells. They are light weight more comfortable & flicker free. They are very economically priced.

Our 3D TV glasses use high quality lens material , which assures pristine picture quality, and have perfect balance of color , fidelity and clarity.

Television viewing keeps getting more and more exciting as technology advances . Think about the excitement that is inherent in movies where the images appear to be right in front of the viewer. Now, with introduction of 4K TVs picture quality in 3D images are real to life experience.

Difference between Passive 3D Glass & Active 3D Glass is , active 3D Glass require charging or button cells & are heavy and very expensive. They are compatible with ACTIVE 3D TVs. only.

Passive 3D Glasses do not work with ACTIVE 3D Tvs. (Old technology).

Our Passive 3D Glasses can also be used for viewing 3D Films in cinema Theaters who use Passive projection systems. Now a days 90% of cinema theaters use passive 3D projection system such as RealD , DepthQ, QUBE , UFO, Real Image , Sony , Espedeo etc